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Syncrosnap® Centrifugal Switches

Syncrosnap® Centrifugal Switches

The TORQ Syncrosnap® Centrifugal switch controls the start winding in single-phase electric motors. A centrifugal switch consists of two parts,
(1) a centrifugal mechanism which rotates on the motor shaft and interacts with
(2) a fixed stationary switch with electrical contacts which control the start-winding circuit. TORQ specializes in two-speed motor applications.

Torq Centrifugal are more accurate and have a longer life which reduce warranty costs for OEMs. When a centrifugal switch fails, the motor can burn up the start winding and cause serious damage to the motor. Torq centrifugal switches offer better speed selection for durability and superior performance.
Motor and Switch Replacement Parts - Miscellaneous Parts

Motor and Switch Replacement Parts

We provide a large selection of centrifugal and stationary switch components for repair of single-phase electric motors. All TORQ Syncrosnap® centrifugal switches are made in the USA. You can repair motors with confidence using a TORQ centrifugal switch.

Speed Switches

Protect your equipment with TORQ Speed Switches with Underspeed and Overspeed measurement.

Speedetex® Electronic Speed Switch measures rotational speed and provides an output signal for overspeed or underspeed conditions. A speed switch provides protection from speed related damage including broken belts, overloads, and belt slippage in conveyors, bulk material handling, and other types of rotating machinery. The TORQ Speedetex® Zero Speed Switch detects stopping which can be caused by power failures or other problems.