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Syncrosnap® Centrifugal Switches

The TORQ Syncrosnap® Centrifugal switch controls the start winding in single-phase electric motors. A centrifugal switch consists of two parts,
(1) a centrifugal mechanism which rotates on the motor shaft and interacts with
(2) a fixed stationary switch with electrical contacts which control the start-winding circuit. TORQ specializes in two-speed motor applications.

Torq Centrifugal are more accurate and have a longer life which reduce warranty costs for OEMs. When a centrifugal switch fails, the motor can burn up the start winding and cause serious damage to the motor. Torq centrifugal switches offer better speed selection for durability and superior performance.

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Centrifugal Switches

Centrifugal Mechanisms

The centrifugal mechanism determines the speed at which the stationary electrical switch actuates. The centrifugal mechanism is composed of a conical spring disk mounted to a bracket which is press-fit onto the motor shaft. Weights are attached to the spring disk and centrifugal force causes the spring to snap. This moves the spool on the centrifugal mechanism away from the stationary switch as the motor achieves approximately 75% of its normal running speed.
Stationary Switches

Stationary Switches

The stationary switch is the current carrying component of the TORQ Syncrosnap® centrifugal switch. These switches are designed to fit within the motor with a minimum of assembly time required. They can also be furnished to perform secondary functions when the equipment attains full speed.

Each unit size can be utilized for single-contact, dual-contact, multi-speed and added features of multiple circuitry when needed. Terminal board arrangements are also available for field connection changes in speed, direction, etc. when desired.