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Protect Your Equipment with TORQ Speed Switch used for Zero Speed Applications

The TORQ Speedetex® Speed Switch is used in bulk material handling/processing systems to monitor speeds of belt conveyors, screw conveyors, bucket elevators, rotary feeder shafts, rotating drums and other types of rotating machinery to protect elevators, feeders and conveyors from speed related damage resulting from broken belts, overloads, or belt slippages.

Zero Speed Applications
The TORQ Speedetex ESS Electronic Speed Switch may be used for Zero Speed applications. To use the ESS to detect something stopping, the unit is set to the Underspeed mode. The user then defines zero speed for the application. The typical definition is one (1) RPM. How many RPM is considered zero speed can be chosen by the user. The ESS can also be used to detect the start of rotation as well if the unit is set to Overspeed. Then if the unit achieves one (1) RPM (or whatever value the user choses) the ESS will send out a signal to indicate that rotation has started.