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  • Syncrosnap® Centrifugal Switches

    The TORQ Syncrosnap® Centrifugal switch controls the start winding in single-phase electric motors. A centrifugal switch consists of two parts,
    (1) a centrifugal mechanism which rotates on the motor shaft and interacts with
    (2) a fixed stationary switch with electrical contacts which control the start-winding circuit. TORQ specializes in two-speed motor applications.

    Torq Centrifugal are more accurate and have a longer life which reduce warranty costs for OEMs. When a centrifugal switch fails, the motor can burn up the start winding and cause serious damage to the motor. Torq centrifugal switches offer better speed selection for durability and superior performance.

  • Motor and Switch Replacement Parts - Miscellaneous Parts

    We provide a large selection of centrifugal and stationary switch components for repair of single-phase electric motors. All TORQ Syncrosnap® centrifugal switches are made in the USA. You can repair motors with confidence using a TORQ centrifugal switch.

  • speedetex

    Protect your equipment with TORQ Speed Switches with Underspeed and Overspeed measurement.

    Speedetex® Electronic Speed Switch measures rotational speed and provides an output signal for overspeed or underspeed conditions. A speed switch provides protection from speed related damage including broken belts, overloads, and belt slippage in conveyors, bulk material handling, and other types of rotating machinery. The TORQ Speedetex® Zero Speed Switch detects stopping which can be caused by power failures or other problems.